Monday, October 20, 2008

Artwork v. Housework and an Important Cause

Unfortunately, in this match I am afraid housework won out. Not so bad, however, as things are now so much more comfortable 'round these parts. Not perfect, but a great improvement.

Now that I've spent one whole day at home, I am planning to head out again to visit some dear dear friends all the way in Wisconsin. I am intending to drive, which I realize is completely insane, but so are airline prices. And this gives me a chance to stop off in Ohio and do a bit for a cause in which I believe so very heartily:

Wish me luck!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

... and Adirondack!

The Season is over. The final show was in Greenwich, NY, a small town just outside of Saratoga Springs. The site was the Washington County Fairgrounds, quite a nice facility. Weather was brisk but bright. Exhibits were lovely, demonstrations interesting.

I am sorry if my exuberance is somewhat drained at this point. Turns out three festivals in a row is rather exhausting. I am quite glad to be home again, though the work waiting for me here is also fairly significant. Sigh. I think it can wait til tomorrow, however, so for now I intend to relax and maybe even make something!

But first, a few photos -

The Doc Scanlon Jazz Trio

Wire crosshatched Bison sculpture, by Peter Robinson-Smith of Burlington, VT

Specialty Food booth

Dan from Loopy's Crepes. Yum!

Shane of Red Dog Forge hard at work in his blacksmithing booth

Ms. Sticks' entry in the scarecrow contest!

See, it actually was pretty great!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

oh yeah, Stowe!

I never posted any pictures from the Stowe Foliage Arts Festival, mainly because I never got around to uploading said pictures off my camera. We are currently winding up the Adirondack Arts and Crafts Fair, and I finally took a moment to empty the camera. So here's Stowe:

The weekend was simply gorgeous. The foliage was in full effect, the weather cooperated fabulously, and many people came and saw and enjoyed. All adding up to my idea of a successful show! It was definitely a busy weekend, however, and coming on top of the previous show meant we were all a little tired. Just a little.

I'll tell you a bit about the Adirondack show soon. I have very much enjoyed my first Festival season, but I do have to admit that I am glad to have the end in sight. Seeing C and the dog, sleeping in, doing some art/craft work of my own, and tackling some major cleaning are going to be so good!

(last photo taken by one of our fantastic UVM gate workers - thanks!)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking the Baths

Our last fall show of the year takes place outside of Saratoga Springs, at the Washington County Fairground in Greenwich, NY. Since Greenwich is a tiny little town, we are staying in Saratoga Springs, at an old motel with a sulphur spring! They have a spa here where one can take a Saratoga Springs bath, and I am very tempted to try this out. Perhaps it will be my treat to end out the festival season!

Now I am off in the rain to welcome the exhibitors to the grounds. Maybe a little treat is in order right now as well...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Early Morning in Manchester

I don't often get up at 6:00am these days, I'm more of a sleeper-inner type whenever events allow. But I do love the feeling of the early morning, and driving down the mountain into Manchester, Vermont at that hour in the autumn, when the mist is rising and the sun coming up slowly illuminates the colors of the trees - incredible. There are no other words.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Festivals

I started writing this a few days ago, when I got home from the first fall Arts Festival. And then I probably fell asleep, since that is pretty much all I was good for the last few evenings. I am currently back in Stowe, getting set up for our second festival! The good times never end! But here is a bit about the first one...

We are right in the middle of the Fall Arts Festivals. The first was this past weekend, the Hildene Fall Arts Festival in Manchester, Vt. - the same place where the Southern Vermont festival was held in August.

I got a rough start on Thursday - setup day -, becoming ridiculously lost on my way to pick up cheese for the new Vermont Cheese, Beer, and Sausage Tent. After 45 minutes of back and forth and all around (in my defense, the construction worker I asked for directions sent in the completely wrong direction), I found the cheese and then had a lovely 2 hour drive to the festival grounds. Turns out the cheese selection was Bonne Bouche and Chevre. Stinky! It was a gorgeous trip, however, through the flaming red and gold Green Mountains.

By the time I got there, the rain and wind had also arrived and the temperature was cold cold cold! This general nastiness continued through Friday, but a surprising number of people braved the weather and came to the show. The die-hard Art Festival Patrons! We applaud you!

Saturday the wind was still around and the cold hadn't given up either, but we had loads of people! I worked the front gate, and man was it busy! When I finally took a break, I could hardly walk through the tents because there were so many people. It makes me so very happy that so many will come to an Arts Festival. And they come from a long ways away too - 2 or 3 hours often!

Sunday was quieter, but still busy. We ran out of show programs in the afternoon and some customers were annoyed, but what could we do? We printed several thousand copies! I guess that's just a sign of a successful show!

I headed out Sunday evening pretty much as soon as the gates closed. A benefit of being festival administration is I don't have to hang around for the cleanup. Instead I get to go to work in the office early the next morning, to get ready for the next show!

This festival certainly tired me out, but I also feel more on top of things than at the summer shows. I know how we work now - I have some experience - and when I answer questions they can actually be helpful answers instead of only pointing out someone else to ask.

The closing moments of the festival were graced with a fabulous rainbow that truly and honestly ended right in our parking lot. I was too tired to go collect the pot of gold.

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