Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A beautiful bride (and the groom wasn't bad either!)

(this is the wedding of the famous knitted dress!


Monday, September 29, 2008


Sounds like some sort of science fiction laser gun - schmap! schmap! aha! But actually its a pretty neat travel/information guide online at schmap.com and they are using one of my photos for the Union Oyster House in Boston! Its somewhere down there, in that cluster of dots there. They used a lot of other photos too, but its fun to see my picture in an official atmosphere! And these look like really cool maps. Lots of info. Check it out!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Treasure Chest

I had the most exciting antique-ing find of my life last weekend when I came upon this wonderful treasure chest at the Five Corners Antique mall in Essex.

I have no words to describe my excitement. Look at all that thread! Those colors! And the bias tape collection in the bottom? Simply perfect.

Now that I've taken pictures (I wanted you to see it in all its original glory!) I get to organize it all, sort through and decide where everything goes. Oh my, this might just be too much for me!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Local Art

Paper Doll postcards are now for sale at a local Vermont-made boutique - Candles and Creations, in South Burlington. I am a huge fan of ego-boosts, and dropping the cards off at the shop was so great. I love it when people love my work. Who doesn't?

If you are around the Burlington area, do drop in at this lovely shop. The owners, Casey and Heather, are two very talented women living my dream of owning their own art shop and having their studios right in the store. They have been scouting Etsy and other art + craft areas for local people with new and neat things for sale, and the shop is a terrific collection of area talent. Candles, jewelry, paintings, bags, cards, games, wood pieces, and so much more. And now my little cards! Thank you so much, ladies!

On the subject of local art, this weekend was Burlington's South End Art Hop. I only made it to a couple locations (Cirque du Soleil in Boston took precedence this weekend, can you blame me?), but I did stop in at the Flynndog and saw the exhibit of Bread and Puppet flags and sculptures. Standing surrounded by these huge pieces that are used for such real and honest purposes was truly powerful. I have such an immense respect for the work that the Bread and Puppet people have done for such a long, long time.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

New Studio

Here are a few photos of my new studio/office. Its small, and somewhat cramped (especially right now because there are still more art supplied to find proper put-away places for), but it makes me so happy! I have a window that opens to the back yard and our neighbors' terrific sunflower garden, I have a closet, and best of all, the room has a proper ceiling* and is right off the dining room. It feels real.

It is a bit small, and it does double as a guest room, but I have put that to my advantage, using a stack of twin mattresses for a table. I think its a rather ingenious solution, thank you! They can be spread out for a makeshift guest bed (takes up the whole entire room!), and when they are stacked they are the perfect height!

And the walls still need that coat of white paint. That will feel good.

My cds are in here because they are too embarrassing to have out in public (mid 90's alt-rock hits anyone? Remember the Calling?)

And yes, I already need to tidy! That's what having a studio is all about though: it's totally being used. So much in the works already.

*I have read that ceiling height has been linked with creativity, with higher ceilings being more inspirational. At my old house, my studio was spread out over the upstairs, and I really do think the low, slanted, dormer ceilings were somewhat a stifling. So a proper, square ceiling has been my dream for quite some time. And it came true! How lucky am I?!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ms. Nellie Ashford, Painter

I met Nellie Ashford at the New Taste of Stowe Arts Festival. She is a very special exhibitor, coming all the way from Charlotte, NC under often very difficult circumstances. Nellie is a self-titled Folk Artist, her paintings are mainly of families, children, dancers - they are all lively and vibrant and loving. Nellie told me that as a Folk Artist, she can do what she wants, break the rules! Her pieces are combinations of painted imagery and collaged fabrics.

Nellie gave me this piece after the second festival. I am so very honored to have it.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Prints

A very dear friend from High School visited this weekend, and we managed to get in some quality printing time together. Actually, once we started, we could hardly stop! It was great fun working together - we had no specific ideas in mind when we started, and we both worked on all the pieces, adding touches separately or together. Th big pieces are my favorite, but they don't fit on the scanner bed, so I will show them when I figure out how to get a good picture.

All images are water-based printing inks on rice paper. Around 5x6 inches.

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