Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Front Door

It's about time to take down our holiday wreath. All through February, until this past Sunday afternoon, I was this close to putting up something spring-y and fresh. And then we had a snowstorm! Our very first real snow this year and pretty much the only winter we've experienced. It was lovely and cozy and gave me a good opportunity to snicker about how Southerners don't know how to drive in the snow (meanwhile, my own foray out into the blizzard was no more than 25mph the entire way, white knuckled on the steering wheel... ahem). Now, though, that excitement is over and it really is time to move on, door decoration-wise.

Holiday Wreath

First though, allow me to share.

I made this wreath using a foam form and cutout paper flower-ish shapes. The vintage Christmas sheet music is from the Graphics Fairy website and printed on cardstock. Then they were put through the silhouette cutter to make the shapes.

Holiday Wreath

Each flower was crumpled/folded a bit so the "petals" sort of bent up, and then they were all hot-glued to the foam. Only one finger was burned in the process. Great success.

Holiday Wreath

I really like this wreath. It makes me happy whenever I walk in the door. Who knows if it will last until next year, but at least we got a good long season from it this time around!

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