Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Had a Photo Booth

Photobooth Mosaic

Everyone was impressed that we came up with such a fun idea. Just goes to show most people don't spend too much time reading wedding blogs; I was worried everyone would roll their eyes at another wedding photo booth.

We all sort of forgot about doing this until a little late (I actually forgot about it completely and never got a picture at all, oops), so we didn't get too many pictures, but the ones we did get were marvelous and totally worth it. I want to have more parties now, just so we can have a photo booth.

In case anyone else is planning on doing this on the cheap, here's what we did:

I had a large empty canvas frame, so we stretched some cotton fabric on it and set it on my easel for a back drop.* I gathered hats from around the house and purchased a few random props (the sparkly octopus hat is my favorite, gotta say) to encourage silliness. It really doesn't take much.

I have a dslr camera, for which I bought a little remote (we taped it to a paintbrush so it wouldn't get lost). Most people had difficulty with the remote and apparently the general practice was to get someone else to click the shutter, so I guess that wasn't worth the twenty bucks. A better investment would be to buy lots of good batteries and make them visible. I had a large pack there, but either they got lost or they were all crap because apparently we lost camera power. And a regular point and shoot camera would be absolutely fine and possibly simpler overall.

The camera was set up on a tripod, focused and framed on the canvas. This looked really nice. At some point the zoom got messed with and the rest of the pictures have a lot of extra backdrop, but that's hardly an issue.

I knew people would want to look at their photos and it seemed easiest to let them, so we made a little sign with instructions how to view and then how to reset for taking more. I have no idea how that worked.

Final conclusion? This is fun. My only regret are that we don't have more pictures.

*Most people probably don't have an empty canvas frame lying around, I guess. Buying a large canvas is not really cheap - 3x4 is probably about $60 - but what if you did and then had a big jar of markers and everyone wrote notes and drew on it while they were doing their photos? I think it would be fun, anyway.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

100% Married


3 from Mel

I'm not saying it was the best day of my life, because I've been a lucky gal, but it ranks right up there. I can definitely say it was the most fun I have ever had at a party and the whole night - the whole day - was magical and wonderful and pretty darn close to perfect.

And I can also say that my friends are incredible and I now owe them my first born child. Which might be awkward, because how do you split custody so many ways? Also, not sure they would want that probably screaming baby anyway, and actually how is that supposed to be any indication of my gratitude? Point is, we have incredible friends and our wedding was awesome in great part because they are all so absolutely amazing.

Ahh, I get a little teary just thinking about it!