Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Westward ho!

We stayed at crappy cheap motels and ate fantastic food. We listened to our 10 or so cds (that was poor planning) until we couldn't stand them anymore and restocked at a truck stop. We sang the first lines to country songs about the places we were driving through and then had to call our parents to get the rest of the lyrics. We froze our asses off in south Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and watched the dashboard thermometer slowly rise when we reached Texas.

Sunset over the Mississippi, Memphis TN

We apologized profusely to Ramona at each turn in the road (she gets carsick) and considered sending a postcard to the Amish farm where she was born. She was excited to explore at all our stops - I can't possibly imagine the barrage of new smells she was experiencing - but seemed fairly certain we were intending to abandon her somewhere along the road (we wouldn't dream of it).

Eiffel Tower of Paris (Texas)

We took our time, stopping to see the sights (the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Texas) and taking detours when necessary (to see Oklahoma, neither of us had been to that state before). We followed my inferior map skills down a mud road along the Arkansas/Oklahoma border and I did not mention the lack of cell phone service.

Beale St, Memphis TN

We had bbq in Nashville and then again that night for dinner in Memphis because, well, do I really need to elaborate on that one? We laughed ourselves silly over jokes I can't recall, marveled at the changing landscapes, and decided we wouldn't choose to live in rural Arkansas. We made friends at a dog park in Dallas and walked in a meteor crater near Odessa.

Odessa Meteor crater

We discussed "issues" and movies and music. Cam read his book and I tried not to fall asleep. We detoured to take a picture at Rosa's Cantina and ate green chile burritos while ladies in impossibly high stiletto boots played pool.

Down in the West Texas town of El Paso...

We arrived in Tucson after four (I think... they sort of blend together after a while) days on the road. Now we are settling in at my parents guesthouse, moving furniture and making plans. Absolutely thrilled that we actually pulled this off. I feel like making this crazy scheme come true set a good precedence for a life full of possibilities.

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