Friday, September 2, 2011

And then we moved...

Life has sped to an irrationally fast pace over the last few weeks - last couple months maybe? - while at the same time slowing so that it feels the days might never end. We moved, packed all our belongings into a 16 foot budget truck and hauled them to Virginia, where we unpacked them in our new house. We have not been able to live there, however, due to an ongoing lack of water. But life doesn't quit, so we are making do.

Actually, we are very lucky to have Cam's family all here so we have a wonderful place to stay while we wait for our own home. And we've been able to get in and do some unpacking, some painting, some planning. The office is partially set up so Cam can work there. I stay out at the farm and think of all the other things we need to do and try to work.

I was at the new house when the earthquake happened and holy crap, I had never felt anything like that before: it was terrifying. Then there was a tornado just down the road (the tops are snapped of all the pine trees - crazy), and the news of the coming hurricane. Irene mainly swept around us, though friends back in Vermont were not so lucky.

Vermont Red Cross article about Vermont and Irene

7 Days, Vermont's alternative paper

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