Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paperdoll Postcards and Mail for You!

New in my shop! I am very excited about these, they have been on my mind for a while and it is very satisfying to have the completed product in my hands.

The items in question are Paperdoll Postcards! A sweet shy little girl paperdoll and four outfits on a beautiful soft gloss postcard. The doll is inspired by a vintage sewing pattern illustration, hand-drawn and digitally colored.

I have a long love of paperdolls. My mom had a terrific collection from when she was a child, and I collected and made my own as well. The Dover Publications catalog was highly anticipated in the mail, and the Tom Tierneypaperdoll books were my absolute favorites. Recently I remembered how much I always loved Tierney's work, and I looked him up online and sent him a note. His niece replied with a very nice message and I was as excited as some people might be upon getting Obama's autograph!

So anyway, all this rambling to tell you about my cards! I am obviously fairly excited, and I would really like to share! So leave a comment here with an email address, or send me your address in an email (make the subject line "paperdoll postcard"), and I will pop one of these cuties in the mail to you!

Good night my friends!

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