Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the Sweet

First, I want to apologize for the spotty appearances here lately - it seems that working full time with a 40 minute commute is more of an adjustment than I had anticipated, and these days when I get home I mainly want to do nothing. That said, there are a few projects in the works. But more on those another day, today I want to share these...

I had planned to wait and post them as a Valentine's greeting to you all, but this post inspired me to share ahead of time, with the idea that you can then share as well!

Click below or on the images for 8.5"x11" sheets with two copies of the card each (minus the red border, thats just for you), inside and outside. You will have to flip the first page around and re-feed it through the printer (unless you have one of the fancy auto-double-sided deals!). I recommend printing on white card stock, but suit yourself! FYI, I did some at Kinkos, and the colors they produced were just loverly.

Valentine Card Outside
Valentine Card Inside

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