Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Am I Missing Something?

I usually try to keep some semblance of "art" in my posts here, but this just has me so confounded that I need to share it. And the dog could care less, so...

What is with people?

Am I missing something, or is it being suggested that a sustainable future lies with ethanol, um, hummers? Shall we starve our country and rape our land so that a few imbecilic chauvinists can drive around in absurdly over-sized - not to mention incredibly unattractive - army vehicles?

If I could channel the anger I feel over this - and all the other little things like this that occur ever so frequently - into an artistic statement of some sort, believe me when I wholeheartedly tell you I would. The frustration at not knowing what to do with the frustration I feel over the state of the world is sometimes so overpowering that there is no way a canvas could hold it; by putting pen to paper it would be diminished and inconsequented. I do not feel strong enough as an artist to channel the energy of what I experience.

There are so many colossal tragedies happening everyday that I, for one, often feel that I have conditioned myself to tune them out, ignoring for the sake of sanity really. I make dolls and search out the good things that people are doing. And for the most part this works. For the sanity thing at least. But then some small occurrence, and everything comes rushing back. By power of association the waves of tragedy, violence, senselessness, greed, etc etc come crashing in. Isn't this why there are so many horribly unhappy people? I am an inherently happy person - almost disgustingly optimistic - and I am often overwhelmed! The little reminders are so sneaky, the hummers (ok, not so little), the politicians snide underhand comments, the disgustingly patronizing commercials... ay!

Thanks for bearing with me as I rant. Actually, thank you for visiting anytime; you really and truly make my day with your comments and shared thoughts! Joining in to this online worldwide community of bloggers has been a wonderful experience for me.

photo from truthout.org



At January 16, 2008 at 9:55 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

Ranting is good...so is channeling it into art...perhaps you will even think of a way to do that.

I hear you on Hummers and other large, useless, unnecessary vehicles...the wastage is incredible.


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