Monday, April 30, 2007

The Final Days

Does that sound like impending doom?

Today I finally finished the paper that accompanies my Degree Project. I want to share here, because Im not so sure anyone will listen to me if I try to explain in real life, my difficulties with writing papers such as this.

Its not that I find writing hard, or even unenjoyable. Actually I quite love language, I love finding exactly the right word that expresses what I want to say, and I love having the opportunity to sculpt my sentances, reworking and revising until they say only what I mean to impart, no more and no less. I try, with my writing, to be honest in intention and in style. And this last is really what causes all the problems.

This is my confession: I find it really, really difficult to write bullshit papers. The words just don't come. I need to be honest in my writing, or nothing makes sense. So things end up taking ever so much longer than they should.

That's all. Thanks for listening.

And I think the threat of impending doom has actually been averted.

As long as I can get the rest of my sewing done tonight!

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