Friday, April 13, 2007

This is Spring?

It's just absolutely miserable here. There's just no other way to say it. This is the view from my back window...

Particularly, I want to draw your attention to the snow that is covering the rooftops. Last year at this time the temperature was in the 70s. We were having classes outdoors. It was actually Spring. This year, Im just not convinced.

The good part in all this nastiness is that the overwhelming desire to be outside soaking up the sun and the warmth and the infant green-ness is not here and is therefore not playing its devilish role in the procrastination process. To be sure, I do not need any other procrastination temptations, I have plenty and am doing my darnedest to ignore their siren calls.

So, since I cannot chase the clouds away and bring back the Spring goodness that seemed so close a week ago, I am taking the view that this is all for the best, and am dedicating myself to finishing all the papers and projects that have been piling high. Things are going good. And when I need a lift, I sit and stare at the fishes and soak up some of their tropical cheerfulness.

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