Sunday, March 11, 2007

Coming into focus...

It seems with artistic projects, I always take some time to settle in, to figure out exactly what I want to say or show; sort of as if the materials work *with* me to a finished piece, rather than my imposing an idea onto them. It is the same with this writing, it started pretty scattered, as I jumbled the bits of my everyday life together into photographs and narration that amused me, but I think I am starting to have direction - a focus - and that it, for now at least, this project and my increasing interest in craft and gender. I will probably digress somewhat at times, but really, as I get more into these subjects, they seem to relate to prety much every other aspect of my life as well, so it works out.

And so, in keeping with my newfound focus, here is a visual of what I am up to:

The combination of traditional and modern tickles me, although of course it is totally nothing new.

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