Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bear's Paw

The Bear's Paw. First of eight squares that will become the final project for my degree. My study major is art, culture, and community, so for my degree project I am trying to combine everything and wrap it all up in one creative venture.

I have become fascinated with quilts and other traditional "women's crafts," and their role in community development at the most fundamental levels. So I am experimenting with traditional quilt patterns, and marrying them with photography of tools that are used in crafting and building. The plan is to create eight 12-inch pieced squares, and the opposite sides of each will have a photograph, developed onto fabric with liquid emulsion and surrounded by a pieced border. Then the two sides will be quilted together - I would like to hand-quilt but I'm afraid I might be too slow. We shall see. The pieces will then be displayed separately, or bound together as a book. I am thinking a crazy quilt cover would be fun. My main problem now is that I just need to buckle down and work. And of course I need to go fabric shopping! (any excuse will do...)

As you can see, I desparately need to enlarge my collection. There's just nothing here! ok, so there is something, but it is so frustrating to always work with the same fabric. I have decided I really need some new patterns, and especially some more with yellow.

Now I just have to help my sweetheart dig his car out of the mountain so we can get to the fabric store!

By-the-by, if there is anyone out there reading this, and you happen to have any ideas for fun 12-inch quilt squares, or any other ideas for or about this project of mine, I would love to know!

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