Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feelin' Fishy

I have wanted fish for some time. They seem like a pretty perfect pet - easy to keep, nice to look at, not requiring walks or litter boxes or cuddles and affection. Nice for my semi-transient lifestyle. Anyway, a roommate of my sweetheart left behind a fishtank when he moved out, and Christmas brought me most of the rest of what I would need. So last weekend, we made a trip to PetSmart and chose two pretty little Black Mollies. The man at the store was happy I only wanted two fish, so the brand new tank would have a chance to acclimate. He said a lot of people come in and want 20 fish right away, and then they wonder why the poor things don't live out the week. I personally didn't want any more than two fish anyway. My tank is only ten gallons and I don't want to crowd the litte guys.

So anyway. Last evening, sitting in the living room, all of a sudden my sweetheart says, "I think the fish had a baby." "Ha ha," I said. "Yeah right."

But upon looking, it turned out that the fish had not had a baby, they had had six. I ran to the computer and looked up Black Mollies. Turns out they breed very easily (ha), and they can have 12 - 30 babies. So what, I ask you, am I to do now?

The little ones are pretty cute; miniature fishies darting around at the top of the tank. Im just worried that more might be on the way...



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