Sunday, January 7, 2007


I have been putting off starting to write here because I have not known how to begin. I feel that I should introduce myself in some way, but then I also am quite certain that very few people who are not acquainted with me will be reading this. So in lieu of a formal introduction, I am going to take this opportunity to dwell in my satisfaction over my first independent foray into chicken roasting...

This evening I cooked a chicken, a whole chicken, stuffed and all. Actually quite simple, but it has such overtones of maturity and competence that I was quite impressed with myself.

It was a small organic chicken from the local coop, stuffed with brown rice with garlic and basil, and basted with soy sauce and sesame oil. Having never been responsible for a roasted bird before, and having disposed of the wrapper and labels immediately and without memorizing the weight, cooking time was something of a mystery. I think I ended up cooking it a bit longer than necessary, but as I was the only diner there were no complaints.

I finished the meal with steamed broccolli and a nice thick gravy. Would have been a perfect meal for a cold winter evening, if winter would only arrive...



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