Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Green

I went out last week, during that heady New England early spring heat wave, in search of green.

First Green

Today this is an important little reminder that, though snow might be here today, it will soon be replaced by blooming things and lots of leafy goodness.

I got to work from home today, which is especially nice because I can listen to Fresh Air and the other excellent VPR programming. Also, because I can keep a close eye on the tomato and basil plants I have started in the dining room window.

Though I grew up on a small farm with a large garden, and have planted my own little plot for the past few years, I am continually surprised and amazed that those little tiny seeds turn into real plants. One day there is dirt, the next day a miniature green sprout appears, and the next day there are 10 baby plants! Wow.

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