Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hot or Not

Since my camera is not connecting and uploading photos on its own (do I have to do everything around here?), and because I have enjoyed reading others of these lists, and for lack of anything else to write at the moment and it is still Wednesday for another 30 minutes, here is my contribution to Loobylu's Hot or Not Wednesday...


• Snow days! Even if I had already driven to work by the time I got the message. I give myself props for being a hardcore Northerner who ventures unflinchingly forth into the storm (next time I will check my voicemail first).

• Christmas lights. My late night long drive home from Syracuse last weekend was brightened by the cheerful (and not at all cheesy) light displays in the small towns along the route. I am determined to do my part to cheer the weary traveler and have begun with a nice garland over the door (I should take a picture, I suppose). More are in the works.

• New boots! Since I was already on the road, having driven to my office, I detoured to the mall on my drive home to find some winter boots (the danskos, while much beloved, aren't much good at keeping the toes warm and dry in 5 inches of powdery snow). Hooray for toasty feet!

The Three Musketeers. I have read this book before and am in the process of reading it again. I went through a Dumas phase in junior high and I just might be ready to relive this part of my youth. Such fantastic stories, with dashing heroism, clever intrigue, and cheeky humor!


• Sore throats and stuffy faces. Yuck. Need I say more?

• Carpal tunnel. Yeah, I'm just a mess right now.

• I was considering telling you about the rest area washrooms I experienced on my drive home from Syracuse, but that's really just gross.

I guess that's all, I'm not feeling very complainy right now. Plus there are only ten minutes left of wednesday (I know, slow writer), so I'd best get this thing published! This is fun, its a good way to stop for a minute and consider things - something I need more of these days.



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