Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stumbling into the New Year

Does anyone know a good way of making good with the Universe?

Here's the deal: I traveled home on the red-eye from Arizona, arriving at my door around noon on New Years Eve. I am also a wuss, and so refused to go out that night, opting to laze (and sleep) on my own couch. Lame, I know. I did get champagne, however, and I read this post and was intrigued with the idea of jumping into the New Year.

So, I woke with a start when the countdown was at 26 seconds. Groggy and slightly tipsy, I remembered the jumping idea at about two seconds. I leapt to my feet on the couch and made an extravagantly uncoordinated flying stumble to the floor into 2009. And I think I really offended the powers that be. Things have just been slightly strange ever since. I'm doing whatever I can think of to sort it out, but if you have any suggestions...

(New Years Eve on Lake Champlain)

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