Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Household Safety

I am working from home today. Officially working, not working on projects and doodahs and such; I have my office setup on the kitchen table (its brighter here, and the tea kettle is nearby). This means I get to keep Ramona (she's the pup) company, as she does whatever it is that she does during the day. So far, this mostly seems to be sleep.

I have the back door standing open. Its a bit chilly, but worth it for the fresh spring air and the nice sounds of birds and windchimes and street traffic that drift in. Ramona sprawls on the floor at my feet, keeping my toes warm and, assumedly, dreaming of wonderful things.

A moment ago a neighborhood cat came by, apparently intrigued by the open door. He stuck his pointy little nose in, but saw me right away, and perhaps the large bundle of fur at my feet, and scampered off. Ramona slumbered on. Then the smell of "something unknown" must have reached her nostrils, because she leapt to her feet and with a throaty grr made for the door. She bravely snuck around the corner, her back legs shaking a bit, and peered outside. The cat was, of course, long gone. Emboldened, Ramona barked a little, she has a quiet bark that is nearly never heard, and set out to investigate. She ran the length of the yard, checked the front gate, and came back in to make sure the house was safe as well. One more check around the yard and she determined that all was well and returned to her position on the floor.

I am so glad I have such a brave, alert watchdog. Makes me feel very secure!

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