Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For your Health!

Thought I'd share a few laughs -

Dr. Steve Brule - the rest of the show can disappear for all I care, but John C. Reilly is my hero. For your health!

While we are on that subject, check out this new trailer. Putting these two guys together? Awesome idea.

Also looking forward to this and this (maybe not so funny, this one), and of course this one here.

ok, so maybe not so many laughs here - but if you follow the link to the Dr. Steve Brule, consider clicking on a few more. He is hilarious.

Other linky goodness:

eb just doesn't stop! I am continually amazed, inspired, and insanely jealous of her genius with colors, collage, and freedom of expression.

Avalanche Looms.

Stacy Frank. I love a good etching, and when the subject is apples, I am captivated!

And a photo, just because I am so in love with Spring right now!

Happy mid-week, friends!



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