Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Summer!

I hope you have been enjoying summer as much as I have! Its been a busy month here, what with arts festivals to work and babies to visit! In between I am trying to keep up with my tiny little garden and do a few projects too.

Today a large package containing my new food processor arrived. I have big plans involving pesto and salsa, but for a trial run I sliced a dehydrator full of carrots and had so much fun. C and his friend were not nearly as impressed at the speed and power with which the carrots were chopped, but even that did not damper my enthusiasm. Too bad the dehydrator has only four levels, I could have chopped for hours!

The other night we saw Julie and Julia and now I have a very strong desire to de-bone a goose. Is this a normal reaction? I am also curious as to what kind of knife one should use if stainless steel is no good. I am guessing regular steel.

If you have not visited Tongue In Cheek", you really should. I recommend starting back a few posts to read Corey' and her husband's motorcycle trip through Europe. So beautiful and completely inspiring.

That's all the randomness I have for now. Good night friends!

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