Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lilacs from Maggie

My friend Maggie is the proprietess of One of A Kind B'n'B here in Burlington - the place to stay for charm, elegance, magnificent lake views, and, at the moment, lilacs. Heavenly lilacs, with an aroma that wafts in the breeze... If, like Maggie's lucky guests, you sit in the metal chairs in her garden and gaze out over Lake Champlain at sunset, the smell of lilacs will surround you, adding that one extra layer of magic to the evening.

Maggie gave me some lilacs to bring home, she tucked them into my bike handles and told me to smash the ends with a hammer.

The view from my front porch is not quite to par with the garden lakeview, but now I do have the lilacs scent surrounding me and, with the candles lit and the gentle evening light, the magic is here as well...



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