Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freebie Paper Doll!

I decided to make the Moody Girl paper doll a freebie. No special reason, I just love paper dolls and hope to pass along the many happy hours I had as a child cutting and snipping and making new clothes and houses for the dolls (3-dimensional houses for some reason, but the difference of dimension never bothered us).

There are two pages, the first is the doll and I recommend printing her out on a stiffer paper or cardstock. The second page has three outfits. I also read a lot of comments here about printing on magnets which I have never tried but think is an absolutely fabulous idea.

Here is the pdf:

Paper Doll and clothes

Have fun!!

edited: my technical abilities have improved and I now have the ability to save multi-paged PDFs - imagine! So the doll and clothing are now a single file instead of two. AW 5/09

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