Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Images, right?

So this evening I was skimming my stats, and I noticed a lot of web referrals coming from a certain myspace page. Being the curious person I am, of course I followed the link to the page, where I was surprised to be greeted by one of my own photos! It was the background of the page, and actually looked rather neat. Since I was getting a lot of traffic from the site, I looked around on it to find where the link to my site was located, and after a while of not finding it realized that the image itself was coming from my site - ie, everyone who looked at this myspace page was using up bandwidth on my website.

Now, I am not one to go berzerk about my photos - I realize full well that by posting things on the internet I am letting them out into the world. Additionally, I am hardly in a position to be concerned about overloading my website's traffic limits. Still, when I saw my photo there and concluded what was happening, I felt somewhat miffed. And so I went and renamed the image.

And then I was immediately racked with guilt that I had ruined this girl's myspace page. So Gina from Altoona, if you care enough to find this again, please feel free to use this image:

Maybe just give me credit though. And realize that in the future, if you ask someone, they often will be flattered you liked their work. But taking images without asking is, technically - even online - stealing, and against the copyright rules.

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