Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And back again!

hello there! Happy New Year to you!

I have been suffering from what I like to call "procrastination". Not an original term, I admit, but I am strikingly good at embodying it. In this case, I actually have something upon which to lay the blame... Scrubs has taken over my life and resistance has been futile.

But that's really no excuse. Quite honestly, I recalled on my plane trip home - overnight across pretty much most of this very large country - that I had promised a special Christmas end to my little Advent Calendar. Does anyone else remember that? I realize that perhaps no one else does, but I suffer from horrible guilt when I say anything and do not carry it out. So, if anyone perchance remembered that incident, I humbly apologize.

I hope you all had really and truly wonderful Holidays! I will be back with more soon!

photo: Christmas Morning in the Catalina Mountains, Tucson AZ



At January 9, 2008 at 2:05 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

Welcome back!! And happy new year to you...hope you are well.

I'm loving the redesign you've done here...VERY nice!!


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