Monday, August 27, 2007


I designed this logo for my darling friend Kathryn who has opened her very own fiber shop in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Ewetopia Fiber Shop looks just gorgeous from the pictures - I have not had a chance to visit in person yet. I have, however, been the beneficiary of some bags of wool and a set of needle-felting needles and I am now spending my evenings stabbing and forming wool into the most wonderful little dolls. Its a bit addictive, I tell you.

Kathryn is all about shipping supplies to far off people, and has actually discovered that her prices are a lot lower than elsewhere. So I highly suggest you have a look at her website, and get some ideas, and then call her up and tell her what projects you have in mind. She is a fabulous artist herself and will help you figure out just what you need!

One word of advice - if you do take up needlefelting, I recommend not doing it anywhere in public. The stabbing may not feel ferocious, but to the uninitiated it looks very much like voodoo. And stay away from children, they might not understand why you are poking the poor doll in the eyes.

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